LinkedIn HR Empowerment Extension: LinkEdge Admin

LinkedIn Integration for Smarter Talent Acquisition: Streamline Referrals, Employee Queries, and CRM Integration.


LinkedIn Profile Insights Extension

The Admin Browser Extension (Chrome, Edge) seamlessly alerts HR representatives if the current LinkedIn profile they're viewing is connected to a company employee. This empowers them to initiate queries, create referrals with employee endorsements, access employee information, view connections, and more, streamlining the talent acquisition process.

  • Streamlines LinkedIn Profile Checks: Instantly identifies LinkedIn profiles connected to company employees.

  • Empowers HR Queries and Referrals: Enables HR to query, refer, and set employees as references directly from LinkedIn.

  • Enhances Talent Acquisition: Facilitates efficient candidate management, real-time updates, and access to employee information.

Insights and Collaboration

Admin extension enhances HR professionals' LinkedIn experience by identifying connections to company employees and displaying active queries related to profiles. It enables real-time chat, access to comprehensive details, streamlined resume management, and credible referrals, optimizing talent acquisition and collaboration.

  • Real-time Chat with Connected Employees: Engage in conversations with employees connected to LinkedIn profiles for valuable insights.

  • Active Query Visibility: Easily access and manage active queries related to viewed profiles, streamlining the recruitment process.

  • Effortless Resume Management: Seamlessly view and update profile resumes, simplifying candidate evaluation and selection.


Referral Management Excellence

The admin extension enhances HR professionals' LinkedIn experience by providing insights into active referrals and enabling real-time status updates. This streamlined approach to talent acquisition fosters collaboration and improves the efficiency of the hiring process.

  • Active Referral Insights: Gain valuable visibility into active referrals, facilitating efficient candidate tracking and evaluation.

  • Real-time Status Updates: Seamlessly change referral statuses, ensuring that the referral process is actively managed and monitored.

  • Streamlined Talent Acquisition: The extension optimizes the recruitment journey by offering a comprehensive view of active referrals, fostering collaboration, and improving hiring outcomes.

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